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Ponds & Pools
Gauris supplies, makes, produces and installs liners for swimming pools, ponds and swimming ponds. We also supply all of the necessary water treatment systems.
Gauris makes flat roofs watertight in a new way. We supply the bespoke liner, which can be safely and quickly fitted, for instance to prefabricated wood constructions.
Water storage
We know all the secrets of water storage. We apply out liner on-site to larger water tanks (m3) to ensure that they are watertight. Other production takes place at our manufacturing facility.
Environmental solutions
Gauris can help with watertight encapsulation of waste heaps or other types of objects with special protective material. We cut the liner to size in our manufacturing facility and fit it on-site.
Civil projects
Gauris can also help with watertight ‘encapsulation’ of slopes or other infrastructure projects that have to stay in the same place for years and need protection. In this case, we ‘weld’ the liners to each other on-site.

Gauris operates in the above sectors. We operate both in the Netherlands and throughout the world.

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ponds & pools

About Gauris

Gauris is all about liners. We think about liners. We live liners. We make everything watertight using liners. And we do that very well. The proof? We receive requests from across the world. It is usually custom work, as no two contracts are the same. Whether it is a swimming pond, water tank, waste heap, roof construction, or a swimming pool – no two projects are the same. They always involve bespoke work and demanding requirements. For the composition of the liner. For the strength. For the shape. For the use and the required lifespan. For the appearance. For the colour. And for the way in which the liners are ‘welded’ to each other. After all, a liner is much more than just plastic on a roll. Much more.

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