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If it really needs to be sealed and packed…

Our foil systems are suitable for watertight ‘packing’ of, for example, a waste mountain, landfill location, slope at an ecoduct or other project that needs special protection. In this way, the environment can be protected for a long time against water, air and/or soil pollution. The foil used for this is HDPE 2 mm. Because of the larger sheets of film, it is welded on site by means of extrusion.

We are happy to advise you which solution best suits your question.

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durable protection

Durable protection

packing landfill site

Packing landfill location

contaminate soil

contaminating soil


Foil 1: FPP

Suitable for the storage of recirculating water. FPP is a fairly new film, the material does not contain any plasticizers, can be applied at temperatures from –40 to +80° C, is flexible and highly UV resistant.

The material is welded to size in our production location or on site with hot air or with a hot bolt. Gluing is not possible.

super seal foil
  • UV radiation resistant
  • High peak temperature suitable
  • Potable water storage possible

Film 2: HDPE

Stiff, strong, liquid-tight, wear- and impact-resistant foil. HDPE foil is suitable as a separation layer between clean and contaminated water or soil. It is also suitable for making water basins.

super seal foil
  • stiff
  • strong
  • liquid-tight
  • Suitable as a medium between clean and dirty water/soil
  • HDPE is even suitable for water basins

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